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Code of Conduct

Be active.

Your activity in game and on the forums is the biggest factor in how successful you will be and how successful the community will be as a whole. Without activity, little else matters.

  • The forums contain a LOT of useful OOC and IC information. Please visit regularly to stay updated!

Get involved.

We are a roleplaying community. We need people to be willing to reach out and participate in order to create something lasting and fun. Attending events on the calendar not only helps the guild but helps YOU!

  • You will never be forced to partake in any form of roleplay. It's your choice when, how, and where you wish to roleplay.
  • If you wish to be more involved with the story of the guild, please reach out to our officers so that we can accomodate you.

Be respectful.

We support an inclusive environment for LGBT and all races and religions. Hateful or violent speech of any type will not be tolerated, including imagery or content that is harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, hateful, invasive of personal privacy, or objectionable in a reasonable person’s view. In addition to in-game guild chat, this includes the forums, Discord, and all other areas of guild communication.

  • If an issue arises, speak to an officer immediately. If there is no officer online and someone is behaving unacceptably, simply tell them it is against our Code of Conduct and submit a ticket. Do not perpetuate the drama. Do not argue with them.
  • Slandering your guild mates or the guild itself on public channels is grounds for suspension.
  • Metagaming (using OOC information to manipulate a situation ICly) and God-moding (forcing your will upon someone else's character without their consent) will not be tolerated.

Be transparent.

We as an officer team strive for transparency to keep the entire guild included, and we request that everyone else does the same with us.

  • If you have any feedback, suggestions or issues, please either submit a ticket or come to an officer directly. In the case of an issue or complaint involving another person, providing screenshots is pivotal to us being able to resolve the issue.

Cultivate a positive reputation.

Please represent Eternus in a positive, community-focused manner. What you do and how you act are reflections upon our community.

Don't use hacks or cheats.

Hacks and cheats are a bannable offense in most games and we do not support the use of them within the guild. Be aware of any game's rules pertaining to macros. If their use is unsupported, it will be so within the guild as well.

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